Friday, February 17, 2012

Mark Wahlberg in Pain and Gain

This article from is about Mark's upcoming movie "Pain and Gain":
Michael Bay turns 47 today and his birthday present may be a new actor in his passion project.

According to Variety, Rob Corddry is now in talks to join Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg and Ed Harris in the crime-comedy Pain and Gain. Based on a true story, the movie stars Johnson and Wahlberg as a pair of blockheaded bodybuilders who try to make some quick cash by robbing and kidnapping a prominent Florida businessman. The plan goes horribly wrong, though, when they beat their victim nearly to death and a private investigator is hired to track the criminals down (played by Ed Harris). Should he sign on, Corddry will play a former bodybuilder named John Mese who owns the establishment where Wahlberg works as a personal trainer. Thanks to the character's knowledge about accounting he gets pulled into the scheme at the center of the film. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, best known for writing Captain America: The First Avenger, scripted the project and production is currently scheduled to start this spring.

This will be Bay's first attempt at a comedy in his career, so it will be interesting to see what other comedians he will bring on board to star in the movie. Rob Corddry is a good start, but the biggest roadblock may be finding comedians - a group not well known for being in the best shape - that can pass for being workout fanatics. Both Johnson and Wahlberg have some experience in comedy (both starred in Adam McKay's The Other Guys, for example), but hopefully Bay will bring in some comedic minds to provide some laughs.

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