Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mark Wahlberg interviewed by The Hot Hits

Mark talks about doing a movie with Justin Bieber in this article from The Hot Hits:

Mark Wahlberg's new film Contraband hits cinemas this week, and we sent Renee Peterson out in LA to chat to Mark and his co-stars about their action packed new movie.

Luckily for all you Bieber addicts out there, Renee managed to sneak in a couple of questions about Mark's upcoming film project with Justin Bieber! And Mark was more than happy to talk about it.

Mark told, "We're developing a script right now. That's another thing. I'm calling writer after writer after writer telling them to hurry up with the scripts.

"We're hoping to do a movie together, a drama, where I kind of play a reluctant mentor to him in an inner city environment."

And unfortunately Mark doesn't have any big dance routines planned -- we would have loved to see Marky Mark and the Biebs rock out together.

"No, not on my behalf," he said.

But Mark thinks that Justin is going to be amazing in the film.

"But you know what, people are gonna be really surprised at how good he's gonna be in this movie," Mark said.

Contraband is in Australian cinemas on February 23.

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