Saturday, February 25, 2012 article: No more partying for Marky Mark

In this article from, Mark talks about quitting drugs and getting his tattoos removed.

Mark Wahlberg, once best known for posing in his Calvin Klein underpants, is happy that his partying days are behind him.
The star has a colourful past, having been in trouble with the law and dabbled in drugs. He has now settled down with his wife Rhea Durham and their four children and is glad to have put those times behind him.
"It's the right thing to do. I have a beautiful family and I wouldn't do anything to mess it up. I had a pretty damn good run. I have friends who still keep the torch lit," he laughed.
"I am lucky I survived it, there is a lot of negative stuff that comes along with that lifestyle as well. I'm glad that I was able to experience it and move on and live my life like a senior citizen."
Wahlberg used to smoke marijuana in his youth but stopped when he had a family. He's hinted he went to great lengths to ensure he could smoke no matter where he was in the world.
"No, it's a nice relief to know you're not smuggling marijuana since I've given it up," he told the Kyle and Jackie O radio show, when asked if he gets nervous going through airport security. "And even when I did smoke the marijuana I used to make [my friends] bring it anyway. We used to, I don't any more. I've given up because I have children. I'd wrap it up, seal it up..."
Wahlberg recently hit the headlines when he admitted getting his tattoos removed for the sake of his kids. He's been taking some of the youngsters with him so they can see the process.
One of the star's friends has also accompanied him, which he is less happy about.
"If you get a tattoo you do it in one sitting usually, you sit there and drink a couple of beers... I've been to the removal over 30 times already. It's like hot baking grease getting flicked on you over and over," he said.
"My friend has been with me almost every time to the tattoo removal place and he's obsessed with getting this two-headed dragon all the way down his arm and around his back and I've said I would love to pay for that for you, then in five years..."

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