Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update on Teamsters from The Boston Globe

Here is an update about the Teamsters tv show from the Boston Globe:

Mark Wahlberg has already started shooting the pilot for “Teamsters,” his reality show about Boston Local 25. The union’s president, Sean O’Brien, told us yesterday that the “Teamsters” crew filmed Local 25’s membership meeting just over a week ago, and that they’ll come back to get more footage as soon as all parties involve tie up some legal issues. A&E announced earlier this month that the network would partner with Wahlberg for “Teamsters,” a reality show based on the 11,000-member Boston union. O’Brien told us yesterday that the show will follow the organization as it helps members deal with employment issues such as grievances. O’Brien said there’s been no word about whether certain members of the union will be featured more than others. He only promised that whatever we see will be real. “This is not reality TV,” he said. “It’s a documentary.”

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