Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update on The Fighter 2 from the Boston Herald

The Boston Herald reports The Fighter 2 will focus on Ward’s relationship with Arturo Gatti. Here is the article:

Mark Wahlberg likes Facebook

MARK WAHLBERG is down with social media. The former Dot rat posted a photo of himself on his Facebook wall thanking the half-million fans who “liked” him. Meanwhile, Mark gave some new details to Digital Spy about the storyline for “The Fighter 2,” the sequel to his hit 2010 flick about Lowell fighter Micky Ward. Wahlberg said the film will focus on Ward’s relationship with Arturo Gatti, whom he fought three times. “They became very close ... and still went in the ring to try to kill each other,” Mark said. “It’s not really a follow-up to ‘The Fighter’ ... much more of a study of Micky Ward and the relationship that formed from that first fight with Gatti

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