Monday, August 27, 2012

New article about Mark in People Magazine has a new article about Mark and what his son Brendan thinks about his muscles.

Mark Wahlberg: My Son Doesn’t Want Me to Lose My Muscles

It’s no secret that Mark Wahlberg is famous for his fantastic physique, and he’s launched a line of supplements with GNC to further his connection to the fitness world. Still, even he has critics when it comes to his looks, the actor tells PEOPLE.

While working out to lose weight for his role in 2 Guns, Wahlberg’s 3½-year-old son Brendan asked, “Daddy, are you losing weight?” he recalls. “I said, ‘Yes, buddy.’ He said, ‘Don’t lose weight, don’t lose your muscles!’”

Wahlberg, 41, thinks his little boy may be hoping for his own set of biceps.

“His mother [Rhea Durham] and he had a picture of his face super-imposed on a body-builder’s body from some fitness magazine,” he says. “He’s obsessed with me carrying it in my briefcase. Whenever I open my briefcase to read my scripts, the first thing I see is that picture.”

Fitness has always been a big part of Wahlberg’s life, and he says he tries to teach his kids — Ella, 8½, Michael, 6½, Brendan and Grace, 2½ — about health whenever he can.

“My sons are always down in the gym with me, and they notice that daddy doesn’t like to eat a lot of sweets.” When he brought them donuts as a treat before he went off to a shoot, “they were like, ‘Daddy, where’s your donut?’” he recalls. “I said, ‘Nope, Daddy’s ok, I don’t want a donut today.’”

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