Monday, December 3, 2012

Mark Wahlberg to paticipate in CIBC Miracle Day

Mark will be volunteering in Toronto on Wednesday. Here is an article about it from Global Edmonton.

TORONTO - Actor and producer Mark Wahlberg will be working in Toronto's financial district Wednesday morning - and it's for a good cause.

The Hollywood star is scheduled to be on the CIBC trading floor to call clients seeking donations for children's charities.

"I know first-hand the important work done by charities and organizations that support kids and youth," Wahlberg said in a press release. "As a kid, I was fortunate enough to spend my free time in the positive and nurturing environment of the Boys and Girls club."

Wahlberg is supporting CIBC Miracle Day, an annual one-day fundraiser where CIBC wholesale banking employees and participating CIBC Wood Gundy Investment Advisors donate their fees and commissions. The initiative has raised nearly $65 million since 1984.

Wahlberg, a father of four, runs an eponymous youth foundation.

The actor and Entourage executive producer is no stranger to Toronto, having made several movies in the city since the late '90s: The Big Hit, The Corruptor, Four Brothers and Max Payne. He's also a regular guest at the Toronto International Film Festival, where his film Boogie Nights premiered in 1997.

The former rapper and underwear model is a close friend of ex-Toronto Maple Leaf star Tie Domi and recently purchased a condo at 36 Hazelton in the Yorkville neighbourhood.

Wahlberg's next movie, Broken City, opens January 18.

Read it on Global News: Global Edmonton | Mark Wahlberg to support charity in Toronto

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