Saturday, January 5, 2013

Breaking Boston begins filming January 14

The Boston Globe posted an article with some information about the tv show inspired by on the women from "The Fighter" which is tentatively called "Breaking Boston".

Mark Wahlberg will be busy in 2013. On the same day the actor’s new movie opens, we’re told he’ll start shooting a TV pilot here inspired by the tough-talking sisters in the Oscar-nominated film “The Fighter.”

The show, which Wahlberg calls a “docu-series,” is set to begin filming in Boston Jan. 14, the same day “Broken City,” Marky Mark’s new action flick costarring Aussie actor Russell Crowe, hits theaters.

We’re told the pilot, which is being pitched to A&E, has a tentative title — “Breaking Boston” — and a cast of six young women plucked by producers from neighborhoods in and around Boston. As we previously reported, the show will focus on women who, in Wahlberg’s words, “live in the real world,” meaning they struggle to overcome hardscrabble circumstances that could include problems with money, jobs, boyfriends, family, or drugs.

Wahlberg, who’s enjoyed enormous success as a producer with the HBO series “Entourage,” “In Treatment,” and “Boardwalk Empire,” is producing the pilot with Stephen Levinson of Leverage, Bill Thompson of Bill Thompson Productions Inc., and Stephanie Drachkovitch of 44 Blue Productions.

“Breaking Boston” is just one of a few reality TV projects Wahlberg is pursuing in the new year. Already in the can is “Teamsters,” a pilot focused on Boston’s Teamsters Local 25, which A&E is mulling over now. And he’s also partnering with his brother Bob Wahlberg to produce a show about a couple of low-level former Whitey Bulger associates who run a towing company. In an interview in November, Wahlberg said he’s not interested in making crass reality TV franchises like “Jersey Shore” and “Real Housewives.”

“There are plenty of ways to get a paycheck in this business, but I’m always looking to do something top quality,” he said.

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