Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mark Wahlberg talks about the downside of being an actor

Mark is quoted in a recent article from Celebrity Baby Scoop talking about what kids think of him being an actor and what he doesn't care for in his job.

Mark Wahlberg: My Kids Wish I Had A Different Job

It seems like it would be pretty cool to have a mega movie star for a dad, but actor Mark Wahlberg says his kids wish he had a different day job.

"My kids would rather I be a construction worker," says the dad-of-four. "They haven't really seen my movies yet, but they know Daddy has to leave and go away and they don't like it."

The star of The Fighter says he’s not too fond of all the travel either, but unfortunately it comes with the job: "I would love to make all the movies that I make in and around Los Angeles, it's just unfortunate that they don't really shoot movies in LA anymore,” Mark reveals. "Hopefully, if I continue to have some sort of say, I can change that, but I can't allow the fact that I'm a dad to dictate the choices I make as an actor…. I will have some explaining to do, but hopefully not until my kids are old enough to understand."

He’s not exactly known for his family-friendly film picks, but Mark insists he’d sign on to a kids’ movie if the right one came along, saying, “I wouldn't rule out making something family-friendly, it just hasn't come my way yet."

Mark and his wife Rhea Durham are parents to kids Ella, 8, Michael, almost 6, Brandon, 3, and Grace, 2.

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