Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mark Wahlberg's interview with GQ Magazine (UK)

Mark was interviewed by GQ Magazine (UK)!. He talks about his hangover cures, his new ideas for a TV series, what he cooks, his exercise recommendations and more:

Mark Wahlberg has a hangover. It's late morning in London's Claridge's hotel and it's clear the Oscar-nominated actor, mega producer and business mogul formerly known as "Marky Mark" has had a late night. Still, we can't blame him for celebrating success: Wahlberg is now one of Hollywood's foremost producers, keen to see his new smuggling thriller Contraband follow the success of both his TV shows (Entourage, How To Make It In America and Boardwalk Empire) and films (The Fighter). His rapidly expanding business portfolio includes his brother Paul's Boston burger joint Wahlburgers, a stake in water company AquaHydrate and even a venture to take American football to India. We sat down with Wahlberg to talk about his former drug smuggling days, his best business advice and whether Justin Bieber is his Hollywood heir... We hear you had a big night last night. What's your hangover cure?
Mark Wahlberg: It's going around town! [laughing] Yeah, we had a nice dinner and I drank a lot of wine. Obviously you want to drink a lot of water before you go to bed and drink a lot of Alkalized AquaHydrate PH9 because it has all the electrolytes and organic minerals you need. Not only will it cure your hangover, but it'll put a little lead in the pencil, so you don't need a blue pill.

You play a smuggler in Contraband - is there anything you like to import?
Now that I'm married and have children, my exciting days of smuggling stuff are over and behind me. When I was younger we used to transport our own medicinal marijuana from country to country, but those days are over. Right, Sarah? [winks at his publicist] No, to be honest I don't have a tendency to go out and shop. Actually, when I go to Ireland - I've never been - I would like to bring back some Claddagh rings for my children.

Where do you go for suits?
I'm fortunate enough that when I do have to dress up, I go to Armani in Beverley Hills. My watch? It's a bling bling Timex, baby. It has a light and everything.

What's your best piece of business advice?
I'm fortunate enough to have worked with some very talented people. Everybody has a different approach: some people like to beat people down, crack the whip and really drive people into the ground, but I find that by encouraging people and doing it in a positive way you really get the best results.

After Entourage, How To Make It In America and Boardwalk Empire, are there any other great ideas for man TV you're hoping to make?
We're actually delving into the reality TV world now - well, more docudrama - about a friend of mine called Nacho Extreme, who is an extreme eater. He and Johnny Drama [Wahlberg's friend Johnny Alves] are going to change the face of television. He eats wood, lobster shells, porterhouse bones... He's not eating food: there's no fun in that. He's eating impossible things. We're also doing a show about the port of LA, which is the second biggest port in the United States and I think the fourth biggest port in the world. It will follow all the law enforcement that is there, and all the stuff that goes on - it's fascinating.

What's the best thing you can cook?
I'd probably stick a chicken in the rotisserie machine. You've got to put it on the timer based on the weight of the chicken, then you put it in and it just turns. I can make eggs, things like that. Anything for the kids. I make a hell of a cereal.

What's your key workout move?
It's better to focus on flexibility and core stuff. The whole lifting weights and getting as big as possible is just not a good idea: thin is in. You want to stay flexible and work out smart so you can stay healthy in the long run.

You're working on a basketball film with Justin Bieber. Given you started in music and then moved into film, is he the new Mark Wahlberg?
I think Justin can have a real career in the business. I remember when I first mentioned that I wanted to be an actor and take it seriously I was laughed at. This movie is the kind of thing he can really shine in. If he wants a career, you have to make the right decisions and have the right people in your life. You've got to know you're in it for the long haul. But he seems very focused and very determined, and I think the movie is going to surprise a lot of people.

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